.NET Core Tutorials – Razor Pages – Creating a web project

With this tutorial you can create a razor pages web app.

Prerequisites: Visual Studio 2019 Community with dotnet core 2.1 or later

You can download the project code here

  1. Open Visual Studio 2019 and in “File” menu, select “New > Project”
  2. Select “Create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application” and select “Next”  01.png
  3. In project configuration set project name “MoviesManager”
  4. click on “create” button02
  5. Select “ASP.NET Core 2.1” in the dropdown, then “Web Application”
  6. click on “create” button 03

To run this first base application:

Press Ctrol+F5


First time, you will see this alert:


Press “Yes” to confirm the IIS SSL certificate to trust the application

Then you recieve an alert like this:


Press “Yes” to install the certificate

IIS runs the app and open it in your default browser (you can receive a security alert in your browser)

Project Files

The project is composed by this files and folders:

“Pages” folder:

Contains the razor pages. Each razor page contain 2 files, .cshtml file with HTML and razor/c# syntax and .cshtml.cs file with code that handles page events


Some files have names that begin with an underscore.
For example,  _Layout.cshtml file configures UI elements common to all pages (header and footer areas for example). This files with underscore are common files within the project under “Shared” folder


“wwwroot” folder:

Contains static files, such as HTML files, JavaScript files, and CSS files.


“appSettings.json” file:

Contains configuration data (connection strings, etc)

“Program.cs” file:

Application entry point.

“Startup.cs” file:

Contains code that configures app behavior (any type of behavior to need be initialized, such us, logs, security, etc)

“Dockerfile” file:

Contains Docker instructions to deploy.

You can download the project code here


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