.NET Core tutorials – Hello world with .NET Core

To check if dotnet is correctly installed in your system, please, run command line prompt and type:

dotnet -help

and press enter.

If the command runs, you see a dotnet command options. In case the command fails, download dotnet core sdk or install Visual Studio 2019 with dotnet core framework.


dotnet new webApp -o myWebApp --no-https
cd myWebApp

dotnet new creates a new application.

  • webApp parameter selects dotnet application type template.
  • -o parameter creates a directory named myWebApp  for the app.
  • --no-https specifies not to enable HTTPS.

In the myWebApp directory you have a simple web application that is ready to run.

  • Startup.cs contains all the settings and configurations.
  • The myWebApp/Pages directory contains some example web pages for the application.
  • myWebApp.csproj defines what libraries are referenced etc.

Now, your app is ready to run, so, please run this command inside app directory:

dotnet run

Once command complete navigate to:


To change page content, open index.cshtml on Pages directory with any text editor y copy this code:

@model IndexModel
ViewData["Title"] = "This is the index page";
Hello, world! this is my first dotnet core web app!

Save the file and reload the page.

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