Future of work – Continuous innovation

Introduce continuous improvements to products, improving the quality of technologies, finding new solutions to old problems, is part of what is continuous innovation.

But it is even more than that.
Continuous innovation is more than just incremental changes. It’s related to the gradual and continuous evolution that occurs in our activities, operations and tasks.

Everything that drives organizations to continuously improvements or innovate is what continuous innovation implies.

In the future of work, any task will have as a first priority innovate and continually find new solutions, because it’s part of our evolution and today technology allows us to do it faster and faster.

Any company or worker that does not implement continuous innovation will be left out of the radar of the future of work.

It’s important to keep in mind the following:

  • Identify opportunities for streamlined tasks and reduced waste
  • Align resources toward sustainable improvement
  • Assess tolerance for change and ability to transition
  • The science of innovation, including processes and methodologies to increase diversity of thought

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