To Delegate … that is to be a leader.

An undeniable quality in a good leader is the ability to delegate.

To delegate is the wisdom of time management.

To delegate is to give to the workers the power, the autonomy and the responsibility to making decisions, solving problems and performing their tasks without our supervision.

Many are afraid to delegate, because they don’t have confidence in others, they are afraid that someone will take their place, they gain insecurity or think that nobody can do things like them.

So … why is it important to delegate?

1. More time to face new tasks or manage decision making. We can delegate the tasks that are already monotonous for us but are important for others to learn and improve, we get rid of tasks that are already recursive and we can devote more time to tasks with greater importance and that require more time of our experience.

2. Productivity increase. It allows us to distribute the work, the time of each worker takes better advantage, without overloading the tasks of some workers and improve the performance of each worker and free time and leisure.

3. More responsibility. Delegating work allows each worker to have new challenges and, in turn, delegate their work to those with less experience. It allows motivating the team, giving them confidence, and empowering them.

4. Confidence. Work delegating, allows you to manage teams very well. The same tasks are avoided by different workers, the organization and communication is stimulated and, above all, the confidence, responsibility and motivation of the worker increases.

What do you believe? What is your opinion about delegating and leadership?

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