Manifesto of team software development

1. Do not be conformists

2. Be authentic and encourage authenticity in the group, so you have a way of being, perform your tasks with pleasure and not on the basis of rigid slogans.

3. Transmit the WHAT over the HOW. It is more important to know WHAT we have to do and not HOW we have to do it.

4. Encourage self-management. Let each one investigate and try to solve the problems on their own. Give support and guide the coworkers without forcing them to do something in particular.

5. Strengthen our missions, both personal and group.

6. Exploit our strengths and put them at the service of the team and the client. Try to make our strengths known or look for them.

7. Adapt the tasks according to the strengths of each member. If someone can not or does not like to perform a task, seek to complement it or assign it to the most appropriate one.

8. Always ask “Why” and offer an “And if …”. Question things and people for continuous evolution.

9. Understand that not everything is perfect, neither the company, nor the client, nor the team, nor the people.

10. Look for challenges, propose or ask for them, for our personal progress.

11. Try to look for innovation and inject it into our tasks.

12. Look for our personal progress with training and continuous improvement.

13. Assume responsibilities and positions with attitude.

14. Open mind to new points of view and encourage them. See the problems from different points of view.

15. Put the team ahead of the people.

16. Be practical.

17. Encourage dissident opinions.

18. Support the discrepancy to evaluate alternatives.

19. Support the team.

20. Achieve the objectives.

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